Use AI to find inconsistencies in contracts and NDAs

Discrepancy AI reviews contracts, NDAs, lease agreements and other legal documents to discover errors. Legal document review driven by artificial intelligence.

90% of proofread legal documents contain errors - let's change that

Reviewing legal documents starts with the Cs of Assessment to ensure the legal documents are ready for e-discovery, contract signing, and legal cases. Let's turn the 10% into the 90%.

Correct: Information, dates, names, and more are accurate
Consistent: Check for all contradictory information and discrepancies
Complete: All questions and testing have been answered and reviewed and included
Clear: Understandable readable grammatically correct
Corroborated: Cross-referenced from experts and free from personal opinions
Confined: make sure legal professional stays in their specialty
Civil: Free from inflammatory or offensive language
Comparable: The same information is used against the source of truth

Achieve high accuracy in document legal review for legal teams

Explain how the customer was in a similar situation as your user, struggling with similar problems. Talk about their transition to your product and the outcome: how it solved their problems and helped them achieve their goals.

Our solutions

Review legal documents for inconsistencies to support your law firm

Everyone involved in a law firm or a case alongside an attorney or judge needs to review the documents involved for accuracy, client protection, and professionalism. Discrepancy AI works for all types of roles within the legal system.

Lawyers need Discrepancy AI for due diligence

Lawyers use Discrepancy AI to source differences throughout legal documents to ensure accuracy of information, protect their clients' best interests, to complete discovery, and win cases.

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Law clerks use Discrepancy AI to ensure accuracy in drafts

Law clerks use Discrepancy AI to ensure accuracy in documents but also to protect the firm from harm and allow for the professionalism, credibility, and brand of the firm to shine through their work.

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Paralegals need Discrepancy AI to support case review and drafting

Paralegals spend much of their billable hours on drafting and reviewing documents - proof reading being core to their contribution to the firm.

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Discrepancy AI is used by legal proofreaders to review legal documents

Legal proofreaders leverage Discrepancy AI for checking documents created by lawyers and paralegals and correcting errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

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Discrepancy AI is your legal due dilligence tool for document review

Discrepancy AI is for legal cases and documents
Review legal documents for best practices in cases and to ensure accuracy.
Legal cases
Discrepancy AI is for contract review and signing
Ensure mutual agreements have all the correct information in place to protect clients.
Contract analysis
Discrepancy AI is for e-discovery
Review for accuracy and professionalism in e-discovery documents.

About the team behind Discrepancy AI

Discrepancy AI was created by an AI engineer who experienced the time-consuming process of contract and legal document review - and learned solving this for legal teams is table-stakes in cases.

About us